Ep. 99: Season preview

August 16, 2016

The gang breaks down not only the DFL-Supercup that FC Bayern won last weekend, but also discuss the possible challengers to the Bavarians this term.

It's that time of year again! FC Bayern are gearing up for their attempt at becoming back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back champions. That's five!

To start the show, the gang, plus Bayern Central colleague Conor Garratt, go over the tactical highs and lows from the Supercup against Borussia Dortmund, a match which FC Bayern won (2-0) on the strength of their second half performance. There were some concerning moments both tactically and emotionally, as Franck Ribéry lost his temper in a first half that could have lost the match for Bayern.

New trainer Carlo Ancelotti has obviously changed things for the squad, but how are they looking at this early stage? We try to diagram a few changed that we've noticed through preseason.

In the second part of the show, it's all about other teams. Well, as much as it can be with us.

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Ep. 98: Mid-Euro Special - The Endless RekordPod

June 28, 2016

Bayern's players are on display this summer with their national teams at Euro '16, and most of them have advanced with their countries into the knockout rounds.

Germany face a tough test against Italy in the quarterfinals, and indeed history may indicate they are doomed anyhow. Bayern player Joshua Kimmich has absolutely stunned at right back and this revelation has really opened up the attack. That and other tactical high-points are discussed in advance of the quarters.

It also wouldn't be a Rekordmeister Podcast without some healthy Schadenfreude at the expense of the English, who left Europe twice in one week.

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Ep. 97: Assessing the Guardiola Era

May 25, 2016

FC Bayern finished off their season with the club's second double in three years, but there is still the business of contextualizing the Guardiola years at FCB.

Pep Guardiola finished his tenure at FC Bayern the same way that Jupp Heynckes did; by winning the Pokal. Seeing as this is the case, it makes all the sense in the world for the crew to recap the match. It was a tight, tense affair that both teams deserved to win, but it was Bayern who shot their way to the cup in penalties.

From match analysis, the rest of the episode consists of debate surrounding the ways in which the club has changed during the last three seasons. While few people will seriously call the last three seasons a "failure" on the whole, it was certainly not all roses. From here the gang go over the individual triumphs and defeats, and where the club is now, plus where it is headed.

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Ep. 96: What went wrong against Atlético

May 4, 2016

For the third season in a row, FC Bayern crashed out of the Champions League semifinals. Amid all questions asked of Pep Guardiola, can he be blamed for Bayern exiting at this stage once again?

Nobody can say Bayern did not try, but in the end their effort came up just short, going out on away goals. Joining Scott and Michel is, once more, Robbie Dunne of Into the Calderon to review everything that happened.

The referee was a huge fixture of this match, calling two penalties and letting a suspect goal stand, judging Koke to be onside when he made his run that eventually beat everyone, even Manuel Neuer. All of the big decisions are up for discussion. And though Bayern took the game to Atlético Madrid, Müller's missed penalty proved crucial.

The gang debates Bayern's first leg tactics and not pushing more for an away goal, that now in hindsight, would have made a world of difference. And this brings under scrutiny several themes of the Guardiola era.

We promise it is not all doom and gloom, though! Just mostly.

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Ep. 95: Atlético Madrid first leg recap

April 28, 2016

FC Bayern and Atlético Madrid employed absolutely fascinating tactics in their first leg, and down just one goal, Bayern have everything to play for in at home in Munich.

Scott and Susie are joined by Atleti blogger Robbie Dunne of Into the Calderón to go over all angles of the first leg, a 1:0 home victory for the capital city club.

Some of the questions we try to answer include: Was Pep Guardiola justified in his dropping of Thomas Müller from the lineup? What makes Atlético Madrid so effective and compact in defense? Did Bayern use the correct tactics or should they given up a little more possession?

There was also a lot of discussion about the Guardiola era as a whole. Specifically, is he treated unfairly, or if he has brought some of this on himself. The Mats Hummels transfer is also talked about.

Lastly, of course, we could not leave without making predictions for the second leg in Munich.

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Ep. 94: Bayern get past Benfica, draw Atlético Madrid

April 16, 2016

It has been a huge week for FC Bayern, and the coming ones will prove still more important. How did Bayern get past Benfica? Is Atlético Madrid a good draw for the club? That and more is discussed in this episode.

Scott and Susie have some fun with Bayern's narrow-ish knockout of Benfica, and analyze how the second leg played out. Of note, there was the interesting lineup, and walking a fine line with yellow cards.

Atlético Madrid are next up in the Champions League but of course there are some big matches before then: Schalke at the weekend and Werder Bremen in the Pokal semifinal.

Werder do not appear to pose much of a threat but this is clearly a match Bayern will not want to lose. What sort of a lineup should Bayern field? Can Werder Bremen do anything to get themselves in to the cup final?

As always some extra stuff gets batted around - and literally this time. A few digressions into baseball and Miami neighborhoods make this a complete Rekord Pod episode, because what fun is only talking about Bayern?

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Ep. 93: Are Bayern slowing down?

April 6, 2016

It is beginning to seem like Bayern have not played really well in quite a while, but the matches are still being won. Is there cause for concern amidst all these close matches?

Scott and Michel are joined by Bayern Central compatriots Juan Pablo Gonzalez and Matthew Buening to primarily review the first leg of the Benfica tie. While the match was discussed at length, they also got into some other topics, such as Bayern's trend under Guardiola of getting worse as the season comes to a close. The Eintracht Frankfurt game is briefly recapped as well.

Not every discussion is so dire, though, because the gang also debate who the most successful musician on the team would be, and much more.

We also released a new t-shirt in the shop yesterday.

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Ep. 92: Title race or only an illusion?

March 7, 2016

After last week's results, is there a title race on or only the illusion of one?

A pair of results during the "English Week" meant there would be everything on the line in Dortmund, but the two teams maintained their 5-point gap atop the table with a scoreless draw.

No discussion of an FC Bayern vs. Borussia Dortmund match would be complete without one of our many BVB-supporting friends, and in this episode we welcome Luca (@luc_bvb) back to the show.

In maybe the most important Bundesliga match since April of 2012, Dortmund had the chance to trim the Bayern lead to just two points, but the two played to a draw at the Westfalenstadion.

Perhaps Dortmund were too passive in the second half, as argued by Scott and Michel, but Luca argues it was the best decision from Thomas Tuchel. Did Dortmund absolutely need these three points, and if so was their approach to the second half wrong?

The individual standouts are also reviewed, with names like Kimmich, Vidal, Durm and Bürki coming to mind as players who were on their game Saturday evening.

Lastly, the broader questions about the premise that there is in fact a title race at all are discussed, as well as the mentalities of the two teams who would comprise it.

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Ep. 91: Juventus, Wolfsburg recaps

February 29, 2016

The Gang reunite for 45' of high-octane podcasting, covering everything from FC Bayern's tactics against Juventus to the 2010 Werder Bremen squad.

First up, naturally, is the (2:2) draw in Turin, where Bayern excelled for the better part of an hour before Juve got into the game themselves. Tactically speaking, discussion is held over what led to die Roten's dominance, and then eventually their noose on Juventus falling apart just when the Italian champions looked finished.

In the second half of the show the crew go over Bayern's win over VfL Wolfsburg, where somewhat opposite of what happened in Turin, the team only got into their groove after about an hour. Manuel Neuer was forced into the most saves he has ever made in red, and Wolfsburg were a potent attacking threat almost the entire match. How did Bayern maintain a clean sheet and parlay their defense into two second-half goals? The gang go into the tactical ins and outs.

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Ep. 90: Changing tactical roles in the Rückrunde

February 17, 2016

Scott and Susie are joined by Mia San Rot's Tobi (@redrobbery on Twitter) to go over all the action since the winter break.

Most importantly, Joshua Kimmich has been thrown into a makeshift backline, and has performed admirably. Still, doubt remains if this will work come time for the Juventus tie, as well as against other very good teams.

Next, it has been amazing to watch Robert Lewandowski ride his astonishing run of form in the new year, but are Bayern becoming over-reliant on the striker? Is the team having a problem finding other goalscorers or will they in the near-term future? Thomas Müller and Arjen Robben factor heavily into this part of the discussion, because they have seen their roles impacted as well.

Bayern's central midfielders have been impacted by the shorthanded backline a lot themselves, which means Xabi Alonso and Thiago have had to be more aggressive in their distributive and defensive responsibilities. Their impact has been felt in 2016, but is it enough moving forward into the Champions League knockout rounds?

Lastly, the changing roles of the wingers is analyzed, because we have seen Kingsley Coman get reduced playing time, not to mention Douglas Costa seeing time in a withdrawn, central role of late. Arjen Robben's changing style is also discussed here.

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